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5 Ways to Increase Your Business's Web Visibility

  1. Search Engine Optimization

    Even if you're not very familiar with the Internet, chances are you've heard this term before. Search engines are the "portals" through which the majority of Internet users "search" for websites. Your business can get a lot of bang-for-its buck by investing in the optimization of your website's code so that people using search engines have a higher chance of finding your business.

  2. Cross-site Affiliation and Linking

    Internet search engines attempt to quantify a business's total impact on the web and use that impact in determining your business's position in the rankings. If your business is "linked to" from a high-number of quality, relevant sites, this will give your business a greater spread or impact on the web. In our case, if you are a Pensacola-based business, it would be beneficial to become listed at as many high-quality Pensacola websites as possible. The same would ring true for industry-specific websites such as plumbers, realtors, etc.

  3. Cross-site News, Text, and Information

    Search engines count more than just the number of times your site is linked to from other sites. Simply having your business name mentioned on other sites such as news, blogs, directories, or forums can have a positive impact on creating a larger impact of your business on the web.

  4. Valueable, Unique, and Dynamic Content

    On the web, content is King. If your business does not offer any valuable, unique, or dynamic content, there will be little reason for users to re-visit your site, and consequently, search engines will also visit your site less and less.

  5. Great User Experience

    Graphics and rich user-oriented interfaces play a huge role in making an impact for your business. Antiquated web pages, styles, and cheap clip-art can convey a message of helplessness or incapability to your visitors. Unless you are marketing your business as a strict no frills, deep discounter, an un-attractive or antiquated looking site can greatly hurt your overall business image and it's impact on the web.

These are just a few of the many things that you can do to strategically promote your business on the web. In the highly-competitive business medium of the Internet, businesses (especially smaller, local businesses) need to correctly leverage as many principles of creating web visibility as possible.

At, we've applied ALL of these above principles and more in the development of our community-centered site. We're still working on the final product, but we've invested a huge amount of capital and time in creating a resource that the Pensacola small business owner can benefit from. Need advertising? We advertise the entire site for you! Need search engine optimization? We've done it all from sitemaps, to clean URLs, to code-optimization.

Most small business owners don't realize that simply creating a small, static website can over time incur big costs of time and money in maintenance, development, and hosting and provide little or no return on investment because of low visibility. We believe that listing your site with a well-established, visible, and well-targeted site such as can provide you with a much better return on investment. After all, a premium listing is only $99 and gives you an entire webpage on an already highly-visible website. Send us an email, give us a call, or order online to increase your businesses impact on the web today!

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