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What a valueable resource for Pensacola! This doesn't even look like a local product, but something I would see on a national scale, an all-around great site.
            - Marty

5 Ways to Increase Your Business's Web Visibility (Part 2)

  1. Domain Name Visibility

    Domain names are the way people remember how to get to your company's website, so you need one that is as short as possible, easy to remember, and will make sense to search engines. For example, the domain name "" directly caters to users searching on the two keywords "pensacola" and "business", and is very likely to turn up in a user's search results simply because of the domain name.

  2. Advertising Campaigns

    Internet marketing and advertising campaigns can be an effective way of "jump starting" your website. If you engage in Internet advertising you are essentially paying for immediate visibility and visitors to your site. This can be a valuable tool if you've just recently launched your business's website, or if you've moved or re-designed your website, or if you simply would like an immediate increase of visitors to your site for promotions, news, or other business events.

  3. Leverage Directories, Bookmarks, and Listing Resources

    There are many tools out there available to get your business website exposure. There exist several directories, and bookmarking sites that let you submit your website to them for other users to see. Directory listings and banner ads provide a limited amount of visibility to your site, whereas full pages (like our premium listings) provide a massive amount of information about your business and is worth much more than an image or just the name and description or your business.

  4. Avoid Scams, Link Trading, or Un-Ethical Practices

    Trading or scamming links can pay off in the short-term, but if you value your URL and website as a long-term tool for your business, avoid these practices at all costs. If you're caught engaging in practices like these, most search engines and listing sites will drop you from the rankings permanently. Be wary of technology companies that promise you big, immediate, rankings returns without advertising or site-optimization.

  5. Understand and Cater to your Audience

    As with any medium, your business needs to understand it's target audience and cater to them in a way that would encourage them to return to your website. Maybe you should provide industry news or articles, sales or promotional items, a blog about your experience as an XYZ designer, or recent research findings or other resources that may be valuable to your audience. Just be sure you don't copy your content or plagiarize as that can ruin your credibility and invite legal trouble.

These are just a few of the many things that you can do to strategically promote your business on the web. In the highly-competitive business medium of the Internet, businesses (especially smaller, local businesses) need to correctly leverage as many principles of creating web visibility as possible.

At, we've applied ALL of these above principles and more in the development of our community-centered site. We're still working on the final product, but we've invested a huge amount of capital and time in creating a resource that the Pensacola small business owner can benefit from. Need advertising? We advertise the entire site for you! Need search engine optimization? We've done it all from sitemaps, to clean URLs, to code-optimization.

Most small business owners don't realize that simply creating a small, static website can over time incur big costs of time and money in maintenance, development, and hosting and provide little or no return on investment because of low visibility. We believe that listing your site with a well-established, visible, and well-targeted site such as can provide you with a much better return on investment. After all, a premium listing is only $99 and gives you an entire webpage on an already highly-visible website. Send us an email, give us a call, or order online to increase your businesses impact on the web today!