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Transaction Solutions LLC Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a "Free" Listing?
  2. What is a "Basic" Listing?
  3. What is a "Premium" Listing?
  4. Is this site just for business owners?
  5. Which businesses and what areas are included?
  6. How did my business get in your directory?
  7. Can I upgrade my existing business to a premium/basic account?
  8. How long does it take to activate my listing?
  9. How does my business information get added to my premium account?
  10. Why are the advertising packages divided into levels?
  11. How does the ad rotation and display work?
  12. I've already advertised with you before, do I still need to pay a setup fee?
  13. How can I post a job opening?
  14. Do you offer any free services for non-profit organizations?
  15. What are the "rankings" and how do they work?
  16. Do you take user-submitted photography?

What is a "Free" Listing?

A "free" listing is a listing of the business's name, address, city, state, zip, phone, and a brief description. Free listings can be posted by any user and are available for the community to add, edit, and post. The free business directory is designed to be a service to the community, giving anyone a chance to list their business in the directory.

What is a "Basic" Listing?

A "basic" listing is an option for businesses who want to be listed in our directory and have control over their business name and information. A basic listing will appear exactly the same as a free listing in the directory, but will also include a link to your existing business' website. For businesses that cannot justify a premium account, basic listings are a bargin at only $19 a year!

What is a "Premium" Listing?

A "premium" listing is our most common and most valuable type of listing. This gives you access to all of the features on the site including unlimited job postings, an article on our main page, and inclusion in the site rankings. A premium account will allow you to reserve your business information and recieve a complete webpage for you to customize. With a premium listing, you will also recieve a URL which you can use to give out to potential clients as part of your business information (e.g. Premium listings are an excellent value for a full-featured webpage at only $99 a year!

Is This Site Just for Business Owners?

No! We've spent an enormous amount of time making sure that Internet search engines can properly access our site so that our directory can be searched and used by all online users. Also, by providing new content such as news, photography, local information, business activity, and job listings, visitors enjoy returning to the site to get new and updated information.

Which Businesses and What Areas are Included?

Pensacola includes just about all types of businesses in the Pensacola Metropolitan area, mainly Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

How Did my Business Get in Your Directory?

Our directory allows the local community to add and edit businesses at anytime, so chances are that someone has already listed your business! If you prefer not to have your business listed, please contact us and we will remove it immediately. Additionally, if your business contains in-accurate information, feel free to edit it on the spot, or purchase a basic or premium account to take total control over your complete business information!

Can I Upgrade my Existing Business to a Premium or Basic Account?

Yes! When you purchase a premium or basic listing online, you will be able to select your "free" business as the business you wish to upgrade.

How Long Does it Take to Activate my Listing?

Business listing packages can be purchased instantly online via our secure server. Once your payment has cleared (usually instantaneous), you can login to your account and add your new business or upgrade an existing one. Most businesses can be setup in a matter of minutes.

How Does my Business Information Get Added to my Premium Account?

If you have purchased a premium account, you may login to your account and "activate your listing." Once you have an active premium business listing, you can add, edit, or change your business information at anytime yourself in your account section.

Why Are the Advertising Packages Divided Into Levels?

Each website has pages or "sections" of the site that are viewed more frequently than others. For example, a site's homepage will be viewed much more often than most other pages in the site. We've divided our advertising packages into levels based on the amount of traffic these areas of the site experience. By utilizing a level structure, we can offer you a variety of price options that can fit any advertising budget. See our advertising page for more detailed information or feel free to contact us directly.

How Does the Ad Rotation and Display Work?

Ad display for each level is determined on a per-user basis. All the available ads are "loaded in memory" when a user comes to the site for the first time, then the ads are shuffled, and displayed to the user until they have all been shown. If all the ads have been shown for that level, they are then re-loaded, shuffled, and displayed again.

I've Already Advertised With You Before, do I Still Need to Pay a Setup Fee?

No, not if you plan on using the same ad. If you would like to use the same ad and you are purchasing a plan that includes a setup fee, please call our office directly to place your order so you are not charged the usual setup fee.

How Can I Post A Job Opening?

You can post an unlimited number of job postings from your active premium business account. As long as you have an active premium business account, simply login to your account and follow the links for creating and modifying your job postings.

Do You Offer Any Free Services for Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes. If you represent a non-profit organization please contact us to learn more about our community outreach program and to see if your organization qualifies.

What Are the "Rankings" and How do They Work? regularly measures the popularity of its premium business accounts, categories, and photography to give the business community feedback on which businesses and business sectors are the most popular. Rankings are run at least twice a day. So go ahead, list your premium business and see if you can make it to the top!

Do You Take User-Submitted Photography?

No. We currently are not accepting user-submissions for our photography. Personally we would love to, but because of legal issues and the fact that we cannot guarantee that photography sent to us is not copyrighted, we can only use and display our own work.