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Mike Wiggins Campaign for Pensacola MayorIt is no secret that I love Pensacola. I grew up here and chose to raise my family and build my business here. We live in a good city, but, I believe with the right leadership, Pensacola can be a GREAT city. I have the experience, determination, and enthusiasm to move us forward without sacrificing the character and charm of America's Finest Settlement.

Please visit our site on or our website and help us make Pensacola the best it can be!


Jerry's Cajun Cafe & CateringAaaaEeee! Well, it’s hard to believe, but it’s been seven long months of hard work, patience and overwhelming support from this incredible community, and we are planning on opening October 1st. Hopefully!

I am blessed to have about 75% of my original staff return to their duties here at Jerry’s. They are who made Jerry’s Cajun Café what it is today, and they’re back. I feel so fortunate to do what I love and to provide a unique place to have a great meal, outstanding service, and to be treated with respect and courtesy. You are all very special to me and I look forward to visiting with you all again soon. They say you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with, so I guess I must be pretty good, because they're all outstanding. I am so proud of them and so glad to have my Jerry’s Family back together after so long!

" I had intended on having a "soft opening" to have all of you join us before we opened officially, but due to time restrictions, bills needing payment, and the many intangibles that have yet to occur, this won’t be possible. I hope you all understand, and I wish it could happen too. It will still be a joyous occasion for all of us and that’s what we’ve been looking forward to since the end of February. God has been so good to me, and the restaurant, my dream, will be even "Meaux Betta" than before. So, plan to join us anytime for lunch or dinner, as we celebrate the Re-opening of Jerry’s Cajun Café. I know you’ll all "pass a good time". I gar-on tee!

-Jerry Mistretta

8/23/2007 BillboardTake advantage of our HUGE advertising campaign! Would you like to see your business featured on our main page? Is your current web exposure just not cutting it? Sign up for a premium account online, right now, and give your business an INSTANT boost!

Let our city-wide billboard and print advertising campaign drive traffic to your business! We've spent the capital advertising, all you have to do is list your business and reap the benefits of our visitors! Our premium listing offers you direct inclusion in our site maps, free job postings, your own webpage, a link to your existing site, and much more! Sign up to get started right now! Already have a free listing? That's ok, you can upgrade your existing listing at any time. Help us grow the Pensacola Business community!


Studio DSCStudio DSC is a unique company who's "Photo / Graphic" origins reach back to 1949 in the lakes region of central New Hampshire. It was here my father, Don Sieburg, Sr. brought his young family and established a commercial photography business that grew to become New England’s premier scenic postcard company.

"As a small family business, I can guarantee you will receive personal attention, creative "outside-the-box" ideas and your complete satisfaction with all of your projects!

We look forward to serving you!

- Don Sieburg, Jr.


Holley GroveHolley Grove is a Pensacola, Florida based software development firm specializing in website design, application development, graphic design, and much more.

Founded in 2005 from a basic idea to offer both functional and attractive web solutions without compromise, Holley Grove has quickly become a respected leader in complete online business solutions, web and print media, and business application development. As a leader in the new artistic web Holley Grove takes pride in designing all of their solutions themselves, and they never to use templates or plugins in any of their products.

"We founded this company because we wanted to develop authentic solutions for everyday businesses that were both powerful and aesthetically pleasing. We made a commitment to never use templates, stock photography, clip art, or anything else that wasn't custom built specifically for our clients, that way we have complete control over their entire product and we can guarantee their results.

- Landon Zabcik

7/24/2007 is designed to be a valuable tool for business owners who maybe can't afford a website, are having trouble getting exposure for their website, or are just wanting to take advantage of as many points of exposure for their business as possible. By providing three different directory listing options, should definitely be a tool for you to list your business directly to Pensacola area consumers.

  • Option 1 – FREE listing. The free listing shows your business name, short description, mailing address and phone number. Free listings can be edited by anyone in the Pensacola community at anytime, so there is no excuse NOT to add your business!
  • Option 2 – Basic listing ($19 a year). The basic listing package provides the same information as the free listing and includes a link to your business' website, in addition, your business information can then only be edited by you. This is a great alternative for businesses that already have an existing website and cannot afford or don't need a premium account.
  • Option 3 – Premium listing ($99 a year). The premium listing is our most popular listing and it gives you access to our entire site and all of our business resources.


Holley Grove It's Here! Holley Grove Software Designs has launched the largest business resource to hit Pensacola, Florida - Bringing a wealth of information and features to the local business community, offers its users free directory listings, their own business web page, real-time statistics on Pensacola commerce, free local photography, job postings, local advertising, and much more! gives its users the ability to instantly edit their business information and purchase features and advertising instantly over the web. is committed to bringing to the area a truly open business directory that serves as a portal to connect Pensacola's already thriving business community to the web. So come on, help us put Pensacola on the Internet-map and list your business today!