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Holley Grove It's Here! Holley Grove Software Designs has launched the largest business resource to hit Pensacola, Florida. "" is the leading online local business resource supporting an open business forum and all user access to promote the growth of Pensacola commerce. The team at and it's partners set out to build a platform dedicated to servicing a full spectrum of business scales. Originally geared towards small to mid-sized companies, paves the road for a networking panel to achieve all levels of outreach. By connecting Independent Contractors to Local Storefronts to Distribution/Manufacturing to many more companies, we built a bridge to streamline the way business is conducted locally. We offer a variety of free and paid services to our account holders and viewers with faster access, valuable tools, and network discussion forums. "Our team believes in growing awareness and facilitating business strategy that leads with the most innovating ideas and lucrative business tools in practice." So where is the power?

For our viewers provides complete access to the latest news, employment opportunities, specials, current discussion topics, and critical information to that of what Pensacola's Business Community has to offer. On our Home page you will find the latest article/update on one of our Premium Business Account members giving you an inside look to their business and future plans. You can also search any Forum thread posted by any account holder(including businesses and users), browse Jobs exclusively posted by companies that conduct business in Pensacola and our neighboring cities, and get access to all registered companies/independent contractors listed in our Business Directory. Need artistic photography shots of the Pensacola area? Check our Photography page as we regularly update any new shots taken from landmarks, events, and areas that truly define the beauty that Pensacola has to offer daily. We have linked in to to give you live traffic camera updates before you go to work. Our Business Directory has any business literally at your fingertips. Feel free to browse our listings to see updated services, news, contact information, sales events, printable coupons, etc... or Map them via Google Maps!

Any account holder on our site can give Pensacola access to their business information FREE! For just $19.00 a year you can link your business information and directory listing right to your own business website, get more exposure with search engines by offering listing information of your business, get access to post on our Forum thread topics, get full rights of our updated stock of Photography to use for advertising, promotional material, etc. With a registered business listing you can purchase any of our Advertising options linking directly to your website.

Graphical Statistics As for our Premium Business Account memebers, the question is..."What can't you do for just $99.00?" Don't have a website? Don't worry! Our team has developed raw power available to you 24/7! Forget to send those mailouts for your weekend specials? No problem! In just a few minutes you can update all of your own content instantly! Need to know if you are getting visitors? We took care of that! On your main page you will see up-to-date statistics on each business you have in your account. Do you have a banner ad, and do you ever wonder if it is really working for you? Well with a page specifically dedicated to your ad space you can see which ads are really working for you with graphical statistics displaying daily/monthly "Clicks" and "Views". "We believe in giving your business as much feedback as possible. With the latest business tools we can give you the best assessment of your advertising efforts."

You thought that was it? There's is so much more you get with our Premium Account. Can't justify spending an excess of your budget on hiring for employees with Print and the general Job Search? Guess what...You get Unlimited job postings with your account! Offer multiple employment positions FREE with your accuont instead of spending $100 or more with some other company. By maintaining an exclusive relationship with Pensacola business we cut out the fat of long tedious searches that viewers may experience from the average job posting site. Connect with other businesses locally through our "Member Messaging" portal. Have more than one business? Link all businesses to one Premium account. While you have so much power at your fingertips right now, check back regularly to see new features made available to you.

Our team At is working around the clock to give you more for your money and making the way people view business in our area as innovative as possible. "We have not just given you beyond standard business needs, we have defined a new locally driven standard."

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> Submitted on 6/25/2007

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