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Holley Grove Software Designs

Holley GroveHolley Grove is a Pensacola, Florida based software development firm specializing in website design, application development, graphic design, and much more.

Founded in 2005 from a basic idea to offer both functional and attractive web solutions without compromise, Holley Grove has quickly become a respected leader in complete online business solutions, web and print media, and business application development. As a leader in the new artistic web Holley Grove takes pride in designing all of their solutions themselves, and they never to use templates or plugins in any of their products.

"We founded this company because we wanted to develop authentic solutions for everyday businesses that were both powerful and aesthetically pleasing. We made a commitment to never use templates, stock photography, clip art, or anything else that wasn't custom built specifically for our clients, that way we have complete control over their entire product and we can guarantee their results.

- Landon Zabcik

Driven by a passion for integrating development and design, Holley Grove continues to offer its clients 100% custom web solutions that integrate quickly and easily with their existing software and marketing strategy. Holley Grove's commitment is to provide your company with the absolute best tools necessary to increase your company's profit on the web. Visit Holley Grove's profile or their website and see what Holley Grove can do for your business on the web.

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> Submitted on 7/27/2007

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