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Why a Premium Listing?

Our years of experience as a web development firm have allowed us to gather a wealth of knowledge about the web and conducting business on the web. We've found that the singular common-most problem among small to medium local businesses, is their inability to make an impact on the web. Many businesses have a website that simply never gathers the necessary exposure and never seems to climb to a respectable level in the search engines. This is not surprising when you consider the massive amounts of money that large corporations and advertising agencies pour into larger businesses to ensure those top-most coveted search engine spots.

We developed with the Pensacola small to medium-sized business owner in mind as we've applied our years of valuable Internet experience in creating an entire business resource website that would provide a means for businesses to gain that all important local web exposure.

The Problem: Most small businesses cannot afford a website, or can only afford a bare-minimum website with little or no Internet marketing. This leads to a website that does little or nothing for your business, does not get exposed to the vast majority of Internet users, and overtime can occur costly fees such as hosting, maintenance, and updates, putting your business in the red.

The Solution: offers you a permanent home on our already popular, local, business resource site. We've done all the work with our web development, hosting, advertising, and marketing efforts. We already have a steady flow of traffic to our well-known site, and by listing your business directly on our site, you'll have an instant influx of visitors, unlike a stand-alone site that no one may know about. Your business will also have a permanent URL that you can post on flyers, emails, business materials, your website, and business cards. Your premium account will also be featured in our news section and in various other areas (not just our business directory) throughout our site, guaranteeing you exposure to our visitors and search engines. A premium account is only $99 a year, and does not automatically renew, so feel free to try it out and see what it can do for your business today!.